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Safe Found In UOP Basement Contains School’s Original Documents – CBS Sacramento – Sacramento, California



CA – It was not average to call on the crew of Stockton’s Fire Department 4 to help the University of the Pacific open ancient campus artifacts.

“No one knew what was in it, it wasn’t open that long,” said fire brigade commander Aaron Reisinger.

Detective Novel? A 5-foot-high steel vault found deep beneath the school’s iconic burn tower.

“We were cleaning the basement,” said UOP Chairman Christopher Callahan. “What does this mean because I go there and see this vault, a very old vault in the corner?”

It has been about 50 years since the store opened.

“It was really hard to break into it,” Callahan said.

The crew had to be careful not to damage the contents.

“We didn’t use a cutting torch, or saw something like that,” Reisinger said.

As a result, they end up using the jaws of life, the same tool they use to pry people out of a car accident, the suspense is high, and they don’t know what secrets will soon be revealed. did.

In the vault, they found valuable documents detailing the origin of the school.

“Pacific University was the first university chartered by the State of California, and these are the original documents,” said Callahan.

The items found included a handwritten diary dating back to 1851 and other historical documents, including an 1862 diploma printed on animal skins.

“It just pervades history,” Callahan said.

Campus history is carefully preserved in the hope that it will be exhibited for everyone to see.

“It’s like a gold mine. We’re very excited,” Callahan said.