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California woman receives ‘shock collar’ for ‘barking dog’ in anonymous Amazon delivery



CA– A Sacramento, California woman received a delivery with a gift for an animal she doesn’t even own.

Leianna Cox got an Amazon delivery from an anonymous neighbor, a shock collar for her barking dog. The package also had an unpleasant note addressed to “Barking Dog Owner.”

Cox said whoever sent the package didn’t complain to her before sending the gift. She said if they would have, they would have learned that she doesn’t have a dog.

“People are crazy, they’re bored, they’re stuck in their houses,” Cox said.

The gift also came with a note. “It says, ‘Dear Barking Dog Neighbor, we thought We would super enjoy you using this on your dog as we would like to sleep past 5:30 AM. Thanks so much for being a considerate neighbor! From Your Neighbors,’” Cox said.

Cox said Amazon is investigating the delivery on the grounds of harassment. She said she was able to get Amazon credit for the delivery, which she used to buy magnetic eyelashes.