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California company explains why it’s relocating headquarters to Frisco



CA — Another California company plans to shift its corporate hub to North Texas, and this time it’s in Frisco.

Wiley X, which provides eyewear with military toughness for the outdoors, is set to relocate its headquarters from Livermore, located on the edge of the Bay Area, according to David Villarina, director of marketing for the company. The company, which has over 100 employees, will move its headquarters and manufacturing operations to Texas.

The company joins a growing list of California-based companies looking to the Dallas area for a new HQ home, with recent shifts including Schwab and CBRE. For Wiley X, Frisco provides a business-friendly environment and a location that makes shipping more efficient, Villarina said.

“The executive team and the business owners are committed to growing the company,” Villarina said. “And in order for us to take this company to the next level, we believe that an environment such as the one in Frisco is going to help us accommodate more aggressive growth.”

The company specializes in eyewear that appeals not just to the military, but to people who like to fish, play volleyball or cycle. That includes sunglasses and eyeglasses. The testing can be intense for the products, including, for example, whether a pair can withstand a blast from a 12-gauge.