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A Third of All ‘Recall Chesa Boudin’ Donations Come From One Tech Donor



SANTA ROSA, CA – It’s starting to feel like it will always be election season in California, because after our elections are over, recall campaigns will quickly spring up attempting to undo those election results. San Francisco is currently living though two recall campaigns (and they’re also trying to recall our former DA George Gascón down in LA), but locally, we’re affected by the Recall Gavin Newsom measure at the state level, and the Recall Chesa Boudin effort at the San Francisco district attorney level.

These recall efforts are largely funded by political action committees (PACs) which are not subject to the normal $500 candidate contribution limit, allowing very wealthy people tremendous influence to clog your mailbox with flyers and TV ads. Recall money tends to flow primarily from individual tycoons, as we learned in January that a Recall Gavin PAC was primarily funded by just one guy. We see a similar situation with the attempt to recall Boudin, as the Chronicle reports that a third of the Recall Chesa Boundin contributions are from one tech investor, David Sacks.